Welcome back to Redwood Meadows Golf and Country Club 2019 Season.   Redwood Meadows Members Club Executive this year consists of:

Marco Marchitelli – President

Bruce Hamilton – Vice President

Richard Desiatnyk – Secretary

Harold Nasserden – Treasurer

David Wattleworth – Club Captain & Tournament Chair

Wendy Morrison – Ladies Delegate

Mike Banning– Member at Large

Verna Wallace – Member at Large

President’s Message

With our great golf course now open, I wanted to welcome you all to our 2019 golfing season. I am pleased to serve you as President for the season and proud to have the opportunity to view first hand all the effort that goes on in the background to make the day to day operations seem so effortless. Whether it be conditioning of our course or our great Pro Shop, I want to extend a big thank you to Ryan Whitney, Kevin Black, and their staff for making Redwood such an enjoyable golf experience.

I welcome a number of new volunteers on the RMMC, Secretary Richard Desiatnyk, Vice-President Bruce Hamilton, Treasurer Harold Nasserden, Ladies Delegate Wendy Morrison. Michael Banning, Verna Wallace, and Club Captain David Wattleworth will return for this season. I thank all our volunteers for their hard work in support the Redwood Meadows Membership.

 Stay healthy, happy and may all your putts drop!

Marco Marchitelli, President

Treasurer's Message

Welcome back to another golf season at Redwood. Just a reminder that a portion of your golf dues goes to the Redwood Meadows Members Club which is a not for profit organization of the members of the golf course. A significant amount of this is used to pay for membership/services provided by Golf Canada and the Calgary and Alberta Golf Associations as well as club tournament subsidies. Other expenses include maintaining the tee sheet (GGGolf), Hole in One insurance (we already had one this year in April) and various administration costs.   Enjoy the season.

 Harold Nasserden, Treasurer

Club Captain & Tournament Chair

Welcome to the 2019 season at Redwood Meadows.  To all new members this year, a special welcome and I hope you enjoy everything that Redwood has to offer.

As I write this there’s snow on the ground and Redwood Meadows is still closed, even after an early opening.  I guess this is typical for April and May in Alberta.

Once again, our tournaments have been set and the schedule is available on the website. To help the organizers of our tournaments and to assist the pro shop, please remember to register early and before the scheduled closing of registration.  Late entries into tournaments cause unforeseen problems, so please register and pay on time (no pay, no play).

To enter any tournament, you will need an up-to-date handicap.  All your scores need to be entered into either GGGolf or Golf Canada handicap systems.  Members with less than 80% of their scores recorded into the system will not be allowed to enter a tournament.  As club captain, I will be viewing members’ handicaps to ensure everyone is eligible to enter any specific tournament.

As you are all aware, 2019 brings changes to the rules of golf.  Please familiarize yourself with these new rule changes.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask either myself or the pro shop if clarification is required.

Something new for this coming season - I am pleased to announce that all “holes in one” will be recognized and a memento awarded for the great achievement.  In the event that you make an ace take your score card, signed by yourself and your playing partners, to the pro shop and you will be rewarded with a “hole in one” commemorative flag of the hole you aced.

Let’s hope for a most enjoyable season, and I look forward to seeing you all around the course and the club house.

Happy golfing

Dave Wattleworth.

Ladies Delegate

Let me introduce myself to those who do not know me, I am your new Ladies Delegate…. Wendy Morrison.  I would like to say a big “Thank you” to Colleen Borggard for her years of support and welcome her to the role of Past Ladies Delegate, I know I will lean quite heavily on her as I slide in to my new role.  I would also like to thank Verna Wallace, who has been a beacon of light for me as I get acquainted with all the GG Golf and Redwood Meadows website intricacies.  

 Welcome to 2019 golf at Redwood Meadows, we got off to an early start, but unfortunately our winter has returned for a couple of weeks.  We remain optimistic that this will be a great summer with lots of great weather.  The course is in fantastic shape and all we need now is a little warmth.

We have our Ladies Opening scheduled for May 19th, and look forward to all those registrations still to come in.  Susie Mah has graciously volunteered her time to organize this fun tournament.

Our Interclub coordinators are looking for players, please take the time to visit the Event Calendar in www.redwoodmembers.ca as it details all the league, interclubs and tournaments scheduled for the entire year. The User ID is GolfRedwood and password is golf2019

We are again looking forward to working with Kevin, Rob, Ryan and their team, who continue to make our experience at Redwood memorable.

 If you are new to Redwood, please give the ladies club a try, it is all about having fun. 

 See you out there!

Wendy Morrison, Ladies Delegate

Pro Shop Info

Welcome back for 2019, it is great to be playing again after our extended winter.  Thank you to our awesome grounds crew for all of their hard work.  Thanks to their efforts we will soon be in top shape for another year.

I would like to welcome Sorel Whitney and Levi Arcega to our Pro Shop team this year.  Sorel will be a familiar face to many of you as she has worked in the restaurant the last four seasons.  Sorel is excited to join us and looks forward to reconnecting with her many friends amongst the membership.

Levi Arcega is returning back to Alberta after a stint in BC. He has been a Professional at a number of facilities over the years including Turner Valley, Radium Resort, and Rivers Edge. Levi has also taught at GolfTEC and is eager to work with the membership here at Redwood Meadows.  By the way, Levi is also a Red Seal Chef.

Upcoming Demo Days

Sunday May 26 – Footjoy Fit Day

Saturday June 1 – Ping

Sunday June 2 – Callaway

I look forward to seeing you all very soon and a wonderful 2019 season.

Kevin Black, Head Professional

Turf Department

Hello Member’s and welcome to the 2019 golf season I’d like to welcome any new members to the Beautiful Redwood Meadows Golf Club and hope you enjoy your time here as a Redwood Member.

Well we are off and running… thanks to mother nature we were lucky to get open a little earlier then normal……  but then close for a week because of the snow!!!!  I hope the snow is in the past now and we can get some decent spring weather.

Well as most of you that have been out golfing already you can see we are in a way better spot then we were at this time last year.  In respect of course conditions the greens over wintered very well.  The only damage is from the spots that didn’t fully grow back last season.  Myself and the crew have already started to over seed, plug and sod out these spots, and hope we get some good grass growing weather coming up this spring and summer and have these spots filled in sooner then later… we have also accumulated a fair bit of mouse damage and snow mold damage around greens.  The crew has already started to repair the damage by raking, seeding and spiking the seed into the ground, then topdressing it with green sand for a nice seed bed, and we hope to have these areas grown in and green as soon as possible.

As for the Turf Department staff, I have all returning staff from last season coming back.  My Assistant Eugene and Second Assistant Chris have done a good job in the staff management over the last few seasons which results in the staff all wanting to return.

Construction projects/Course Improvements

  • 15 Green and Surround: For # 15 as you have noticed we cut down several trees, this will allow for far better growing conditions allowing the sun to hit the green for about 4-5 hrs more a day.   We will be sodding the whole right side with new Kentucky Bluegrass from 10 feet from green edge all the way to the cart path having a little bowl shape to catch the balls nicely and have them roll to a level spot.  For the green we have already started the over seeding, green sand and verticut/aerate applications.  We will be doing these every few weeks. until it has grown in. With the growing of the seed happening, the seeded spot will be mowed at a little bit of a higher cut, the top part of the green or wherever the pin is located will be mowed at the same height as the rest of the course making for some consistency with the rest of the course. This will happen for the first two months May and June.  I ask that you be patient with us as we try to get the greens back from that horrible winter, we were dealt with last year.

  • Cart Paths: So, with the cart paths I know they need to be done badly….  I’m still trying to push some people in Sr management on the Nation and wishing we can get money somewhere to redo them all, but 1.5 million is hard to come by.  I would have liked to get them all done at the same time, not just patch work, but they have become so bad I have no choice but to start repairing them ourselves. So, this season I will be selecting about five that are in the worst condition cutting out the bad spots with an asphalt saw, then putting down some asphalt grindings which will eventually compact down.

These two will be the big projects we will be doing this season. We will start 15 in the next couple weeks then start with the cart paths after that. The cart paths will be done throughout the season when we have time and labour available,so bear with us as this is going on.

I hope to see you all soon on the course to say hi and chat…  


Ryan Whitney, Superintendent