Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I register for League Play?

There are several ways to register for League Play.

  • Use the Calendar. Identify the League that you wish to register for on the Calendar and the date ie (Bus Ladies, Tues Ladies, SNIPS). Select that League. A popup will appear with some details and a link to register. This will take you to a screen where your name appears at the bottom. Some Leagues will allow two people to be registered. REMEMBER TO PRESS SAVE to complete the registration.
  • Select from the Menu on the left-hand side Tournaments/Tournaments Schedule which displays all the Tournaments available for Signup. Choose the Blue Icon on the left-hand side to select your desired Tournament/League. This will display who has registered so far and you will use the link shown below to get to the registration form.

           NOTE: You can sort on this Grid by clicking on the Column Heading at the top.



  • Select from the Menu on the left hand side Tournaments/Tournaments Available for Signup. This is almost identical to the selection above. This screen will take you directly to the form to complete your registration.



How do I know if I have signed up for League Play?

You can check if you have registered by several methods.

  •  (Signed-Up) will show on your calendar and you will have received an e-mail confirmation
  • Use Tournaments/Tournament Schedule as outlined under Question 1: How do I register for League Play?
  • Use Tournaments/Confirmed Tournament Sign-ups from the left-hand menu
  • Use Tournaments/Edit Tournament Sign-Ups from the left-hand menu. This option also allows you to delete your registration up until the deadline for registrations.

What are the deadline dates for Registration?

Business Ladies may register for League Play until Wednesday at noon for the following Saturday. That is to accommodate the Pro Shop Booking Weekend Tee Times for the rest of the Membership.

Tuesday ladies may book up until Thursday at 6:00 pm for the following Tuesday to ensure the SNIPS Coordinator knows how many tee times remain.

SNIPS registration deadline is Thursday at 6:00 pm. The SNIPS Coordinator typically completes their foursomes Thursday night (sometimes Friday morning). After the draw has been completed, late comers can fill in at available spots through the Tee Times option on their Calendar.

 How can I see the League Play Results?

Some but not all Tournament Results are displayed under Tournament/Tournament Results. Select the Tournament/League that you wish to see the results (if it is there).  CAUTION:  The GGGolf APP does not display any of the notes associated with the Tournament Results at this time.  If using a browser ie Safari, Firefox, Google on an iPad or iPhonewhen selecting the Tournament/League that you wish to see results you may have to select that record 2-3 times before the Results are shown. 

SNIPS use an alternate method of Displaying Results. The Results are calculated and maintained in a separate software package available for viewing at

Men’s Night Results have a link directly from the Calendar to the Results Page. Look for Men’s Nite Results displayed on the calendar for the desired date.

 How do I enter my scores for my Handicap?

There are several ways to do this. If you played your round ( a 9 or 18 hole score) at Redwood Meadows your tee time will appear on your calendar. After the time of your tee time the Calendar will add a notation "Hcp?". Click on the Tee Time Hcp? Enter your Score. Gross and Net if desired. The gross will show with a minus sign for example 97-2 shows a gross of 97 and net of 95.  

Another way to see all the games you have played is through Handicap/Groups and then select Games Played.  All games that you have played will be displayed including those that do not have a scored or a reason for no score entered into GGGolf or Golf Canada.  

If you have played at another course you can enter your score through Handicap / Groups/My Handicap. From here you may post a 9 or 18 hole score. Selecting either of these will take you to a screen where you may enter your score for Redwood Meadows or select an away course that you have played. The Away course listing is incomplete so a means for manual inclusion is available. Use the Validate Game at the bottom to save your score.

You may also enter your scores into the Golf Canada/RCGA network. The scores will be transferred to GGGolf.

Scores entered in GGGolf will be transferred to Golf Canada. Ensure that you enter the scores for the same day of play otherwise the transfer between Golf Canada and GGGolf has no way to synchronize.

 What is that percentage shown under Peer Review?

The short answer is that it is a means of keeping track of how many games played at Redwood were entered into the handicap record (see Question 5 re Hcp?). Percentages significantly below 100% also alerts the Tournament Coordinators/Club Captain that a member's handicap may require scrutiny.

There are situations that will result in the percentage being less than 100%. The most common is the member has not entered a game played at Redwood into GGGolf. To correct this, page back in the Calendar and where-ever a "Hcp?" appears next to your Tee-Time, click it to enter that score into the record. If you had entered the score directly into Golf Canada, do not do it again here.

The second likely reason is that you had a tee-time booked but because of some reason, did not play or complete your round (Note there are rules in Golf Canada about constitutes a 9 or 18 hole score being considered a valid round). GGGolf provides a list of common reasons that can be selected to address these exceptions. These reasons will appear on your Calendar in place of the score.

There can also be synchronization issues, usually caused by entering a different date into Golf Canada's system than that played at Redwood. This can be corrected but is fairly involved and should only be attempted through our GGGolf Administrator(s).

 How do I give a reason for not entering a score?

The quickest way is to click on Hcp? On your Calendar on the date the round occurred.

This will take you to the My Handicap screen. You can get to this other ways; but this way the date in question is already inserted.  Then, click the link "Click here to enter a reason for No Score".

The program then transfers to your history of starting times. Locate the date of interest and click on the "pencil" (item, edit) left of the date.

You can now click on the dropdown menu and select a reason for not recording the round's score. Don't forget to "Save Changes"!

There are several reasons to choose from: Injury, Not played within rules (ie, 2 balls), Did not play, Disqualified, Played alone, Bad weather, Inactive season or Alternate rules (ie, best ball).