Welcome to the Members Club Area!

For information on the various activities of the Members Club, please check the menu. Tournament information for both the Ladies and Men is located under Tournaments; other events or activities are under either Men's or Ladies Events..

What's New?

An easy way to check out events not identified in GGGolf is to view our Event Calendar. We also keep track of those glorious Hole in ones, mostly by others when we are not there We also have the Club Captain's Blog, keep visiting it for new information. Finally, we will provide current information in between meetings with an email or newsletter (see menu above).

Fair Warning! Coming in 2019 will be revamped Rules of Golf. Generally speaking, the changes will reflect procedures a lot like how we typically conduct ourselves during casual rounds.  An Overview pdf is provided here. For those wanting more details, the "proof copy" of the 2019 Rules can be accessed here. New rulebooks are planned to be available in the fall.

Future Handicapping! Work has been progressing to establish a World Handicap System. It is projected to be in effect for the 2020 season and is similar to the current. Most of the changes are "under the hood", however the golfer can now have up to a 54.0 handicap regardless of gender. Differential input will now be a maximum of net double bogey or in other words, your maximum grosshole score will be a double bogey plus any applicable handicap stroke(s). For more information go to the USGA's Handicap sub-page.

If your email address has changed, please revise it through GGGolf. Addresses can be updated there as well; however, be sure to also advise the course's general manager (Paddy).

Our Vision

The Members Club strives to provide an enjoyable relationship with the Owners, our Business Partners, Members and staffing of the Redwood Meadows Golf & Country Club.

Join Us

Whether you are a lifetime advocate or new to golf, we invite you to join us. We welcome new ideas and value enthusiasm from members and volunteers, new and old. Be sure to contact your Executive and/or the Pro shop if you need an answer.